Our Mission

Shed Box is a trading name of Johnsons Timber Solutions. Offering an unrivalled bespoke building/joinery service. We only make to individual customer requirements, no 2 units are alike. Images give you a detailed idea of build quality and design versatilely. Materials are consistent on every build, what you see is exactly what you get.

We offer a ‘Choose your own Building’ approach to ensure your custom unit is exactly what you want and more importantly you don’t pay for things you don’t want. We understand that not all customers have the same requirements/budgets.

STANDARD Building Spec

Height info – 7ft through doors/eves, with the highest point internally at 10ft to ride point.

Every building we manufacture has a 15 year guarantee with all roof systems.

All timber used on JTS projects is guaranteed machine regulated


FRAME – CLS 3×2″ C16. (Dry Graded)

EXTERIOR CLADDING – Imported Swedish Red Wood Tantalised shiplap- 16/17mm – Applied with 40mm ring-shank coil nails. 18 points along the clad

ROOF – Genuine ONDULINE roof (Sheets, fixings) 15 year guarantee & light weight black plastic coated tin ridge tops to give extra life to roof.

PURLINS – C24/26 (4×2)/(6×2) inch (Pressure tested dry graded)

FRAMING FIXINGS – Heavy duty twin thread Zink 100mm fixings

Additional –

1) All units are made using machine regulated wood only.

2) All exterior timber is imported pressure treated Swedish Red Wood. Please be aware of fast grown spruce cladding used by some manufacturers out there currently.

3) We offer a 15 year guarantee with all roof systems.

4) Roof apex’s/perils are pressure tested 24/26 graded. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens once I have ordered and paid for the product?

You will receive a message/email outlining your order confirmation and details within 48hrs..

Do you have your products ready for collection?

No, all are products are built to order so each order is tailor made for that person. But if you do want to collect to save on delivery just let us know and we can get one ready.

Can I make modifications or request a different size?

We do offer a bespoke build service as well as our standard sizes you can either contact us via the eBay messaging service or by calling us on 07469 206642 We are flexible in sizing your building.

For example we build a range starting at 4 x 6ft all the way up to a 16.8 x 60ft  and any option In between. Regarding the front panels any option you require.

Please advise when placing your order.

Can I specify a certain date or time for delivery?

If you let us know your delivery details such as a window of dates we will always try to work towards them.

How does the product get delivered?

The product 99% of the time is delivered on a flatbed vehicle or large transit van. It comes in cut length form that is constructed on site. Machined roof apex’s are used on all buildings.