Bespoke Garages-Hand Crafted From Quality Materials


If you’re looking for a garage of superior build quality and unbeatable materials, then look no further.

Our wide variety singe, double, triple, quad garages, made from the highest quality materials and offering premium security with heavy duty irons work.

All of our garages are built using machine regulated internal timbers with all external redwood cladding pressure treated that guarantees 10 year protection against rot and insect infestation. The heavy duty framework and extended overlap on our timbers ensure a hard wearing, water protected shed that is durable for all seasons.  Our garages provide sturdy, safe area for your vehicles or provide lots of additional storage space.

Here is a selection of our latest Garage projects…

Building Specifications

Height: – 7ft through doors/eves, with the highest point internally at 10ft to ride point.

Every building we manufacture has a 15 year guarantee with all roof systems.

All timber used on all Shed Box projects is guaranteed machine regulated

FRAME – CLS 3×2″ C16. (Dry Graded) EXTERIOR CLADDING – Imported Swedish Red Wood Tantalised shiplap- 16/17mm – Applied with 40mm ring-shank coil nails.

18 points along the clad ROOF – Genuine ONDULINE roof (Sheets, fixings) 15 year guarantee & light weight black plastic coated tin ridge tops to give extra life to roof.

PURLINS – C24/26 (4×2)/(6×2) inch (Pressure tested dry graded)  FRAMING FIXINGS – Heavy duty twin thread Zinc 100mm fixing.


1) All units are made using machine regulated wood only.

2) All exterior timber is imported pressure treated Swedish Red Wood. Please be aware of fast grown spruce cladding used by some manufacturers out there currently.

3) We offer a 15 year guarantee with all roof systems.

4) Roof apex’s/perils are pressure tested 24/26 graded

Got a Project in Mind?

We can build any wooden garden building. If you have a project in mind, share your idea with us and we will provide you with a free, no obligation quote. Click the button to get started.