Heavy Duty Timber Summerhouse/Garden building – 15ft x 24ft




BASE UNIT PRICE:- £1985.00 – The base unit price includes the constructed panel walls, roof apex, purlins and roofing. Ridge and fixings are also included.

Now you need to add from our extensive selection of additional items including to complete your order.

Choose from 40 different window and doors options from our PDF file

Flooring options

Roof seal kits


Ground anchor kits

Aftercare cladding oils


FRAME – CLS 3×2″ C16. (Dry Graded)

EXTERIOR CLADDING – Imported Swedish Red Wood Tantalised shiplap- 16mm (Feather edge option available upon request) 

ROOF – Genuine ONDULINE roof (Sheets, fixings) 15 year guarantee & light weight black plastic coated tin ridge tops to give extra life to roof. 

PURLINS – CLS (4 x 2)  inch (dry graded) 

FRAMING FIXINGS – Heavy duty twin thread Zink 100mm fixings 

ACCESS PANELS – Double garage doors, Single personnel doors. Multiples of each type in any panel is a possibility as each unit is bespoke to individual needs. Choose standard doors or a fully framed option that can incorporate a mortice and tenon lock, handle and keys. See Additional items below


Please add to standard unit costing if required

PLINTH KIT – £160.00 (fitted) 5″ x 4″ treated timbers with bolt fixings. Machined in workshop. The skid kit makes the unit mobile so moving location can be done with ease. Used mainly to legally avoid costly planning regulations and offers addition stability to buildings. The plinth kits are same spec timers as skids but the building is not mobile, these are used to lift framing timbers off direct ground contact. Acts like a shoe for the building to sit in keeping it safe from water damage. Plinth/skid kit costs slightly vary depending on size.

GUTTERING KITS – £158.00 –  4inch front/rear guttering, takes all water to down-pipe or into a water-butt.

WATER-BUTT WITH Tap – Allows the customer to collect free clean drinking water to fill dog bowls – £45.00

CLEAR ROOF LIGHTS £15.00 – To allow natural light in from above. (Inexpensive way to light our shed inside)

ROOF SEAL KIT  – Seals roof sheets to panel tops (eves) Foam inserts that are machined in 1meter lengths to fit the roof profile perfectly. Ideal for keeping heat in and finishing off the overall look. – £60.00

GROUND ANCHOR KIT  – Secure the shed to the surface built on – £45.00

INTERNAL BOARDING/LINING OPTIONS – Price on application. Building size and board type. OSB/PLY etc

FLOORING OPTIONS – Price upon application – 4×3″pressure treated load bearers for floor support with a top board option depending on usage
18MM OSB – Please note the floor are solid enough to drive a car onto and have substantial sub frame structures that is all tantalised.


DOORS – we can fit a variety of different door options
Heavy Duty Double Garage Doors – £250.00 (2x4ft) Complete with all heavy duty irons inside and out. Galvanised then power-coated in Jet Black
(Fully framed door option available to incorporate a mortice and tenon door lock upon request – £295.00 without lock – £320.00 with lock)

Single access door – £95.00 (3ft) – £110.00 (4ft)
(Fully framed door option available to incorporate a mortice and tenon door lock also available).


Windows – We have a huge selection of windows that can be added to your build, over 40 types in fact in a PDF Listing we can send over. 

Please get in touch and we can send PDF full catalogue


Types or service

ERECTION / FITTNG – Available from £300.00 we offer a full erection service. This includes the total installation of your shed no matter what options you choose.  (3 x joiners on site to oversee construction)  – we will guarantee all units we erect.
We also offer a delivery only service if you would like to erect the building yourself.


Note – 

1) All units are made using machine regulated wood only. 

2) We use no rough saws wood in any of our units. 

3) All exterior timber is imported Pressure Treated Swedish Red Wood, please be aware of fast grown spruce wood used by some manufacturers out there currently. 


We offer a ‘Choose your own Building’ approach to ensure your custom unit is exactly what you want and more importantly you don’t pay for things you don’t want. We understand that not all customers have the same requirements/budgets. 

If you choose to use our erection / fitting service we will build your unit on site from the ground up to ensure build quality. If not we can advise you on erection process when we deliver. Panels & apex’s are tradesman built with exceptional quality and workmanship. 



Delivery is to the UK mainland We charge one way, this means from our workshop to your build location.
If our fitting team are erecting your building delivery will be charged at 0.80p per mile, one way.
If you are taking our delivery only service and erecting the building yourself delivery is charged at 1.50p per mile, one way.

CONTACT NUMBER :- 07469 206642

 All our products are manufactured by tradesman using only quality selected materials.