Heavy Duty 3600mm x 4800mm – (12ft x 16ft)

£2,788.69 £2,750.00

Garden Store Vault / Fully lined internal board kit / Heavy Duty Double doors 2400mm W x 2000mm H

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Thank you for your enquiry and welcome to the wonderful world of bespoke building solutions and joinery with SHEDBOX.

Please note that we are unable to offer our installation service at this time

Our buildings arrive in prefabricated panels with all materials required to complete and would be delivered by one of our joiners who will talk you through the erection process.

Mission statement

We offer a 'Choose your own Building' approach to ensure your custom unit is exactly what you want and more importantly you don't pay for things you don't want, we understand that not all customers have the same requirements/budgets.

We can advise you on erection process when we deliver. Panels & apex's are tradesman built with exceptional quality and workmanship. 

Building specification


Building height options

1 . 1800mm (EAVES) 2500mm (RIDGE)

2 . 2080mm (EAVES) 2800mm (RIDGE) - Included as standard

3 . 2450mm (EAVES) 3350mm (RIDGE)


FRAME - CLS 3x2" C16. (Dry Graded)

ROOF - Genuine ONDULINE roof (Sheets, fixings) 15 year guarantee & light weight black plastic coated tin ridge tops to give extra life to roof.

PURLINS - C24 (4x2)/(6x2 (Pressure tested dry graded)- calculated depending on span

FRAMING FIXINGS - Heavy duty twin thread Zinc 100mm fixings

PLINTH/RING BEAM - 60mm x 40mm Well Matured high pressure treated Redwood sleepers to ensure maximum life span and substantial floor support.

EXTERIOR CLADDING - Custom SHEDBOX profile - Imported Scandinavian Red Wood Tantalised half-lap - 17mm - Applied with 40mm ring-shank coil nails 18 points along the clad

WHY REDWOOD? Abundant, renewable and energy-efficient. Redwood is clearly the environmental choice

External cladding options 

1 . 17mm - Included as Standard

2 . 21mm -

3 . 30mm -

Carsassing frame options 

1 . 40mm x 60mm - Included as Standard

2 . 40mm x 80mm -

Every building we manufacture has a 15 year guarantee with all roof systems.

All timber used on SHEDBOX projects is guaranteed machine regulated.

Building details

Items included on your order

Plinth Kit - (Ensurers full life of shed by lifting untreated framing timbers off the ground) - Pressure treated red wood ring-bead tailor machined to fit your specific building size. 

Fully supported floors can now be added to orders with this option selected

Ground anchor kit - (Thunder bolts concrete screws secured into the concrete 175mm mm fixings) - Secures building to the concrete floor & now means the building can be damp sealed - 

Ask for more information. Ground anchor kits are required on all porch/overhang upright posts to ensure position fixture.

Roof boarding (INCLUDED ON ALL ORDERS)- 9mm 2397 x 1197 Kronospan OSB3

Fully Framed Heavy Duty Double Garage Doors (2x1200mm) - Complete with all heavy duty irons inside and out. Galvanised then power-coated in Jet Black

Roof seal kit - Seals roof sheets to panel tops (eves) Foam inserts that are machined in 1meter lengths to fit the roof profile perfectly. 

Ideal for keeping heat in and finishing off the overall look

Floor/Plinth Seal Kit - Seals your pressure treated plinth to your concrete base. Includes a waterproof gap sealant (clear), gun for application and re-useable sealant edging kit.

High flow gutter kit  - (High flow Black) Will prevent rain water collecting around the base of the shed thus keeping water damage to a minimum around the base.

Self Build Delivery Only - Excluding delivery - Postal code required - Based on £1.80 p/mile 1way


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